Join us and our FOA16 reporters team in this architecture adventure and tell us what you think about your house, your street, your neighbourhood, your town or your city. Show us your favourite places and spaces.

Architecture is all around us so everything counts, from that intriguing building at the end of the road or fabulous coffee shop interior in your town, to that curious front window on the High Street.

Share it with us and the rest of Scotland.

We want to hear about architecture from you and from all the people that live in our very own
Scottish Place


A city is made of so many things, all we need is to turn on our senses! Textured walls, noisy streets, quiet gardens, yummy cafes and shops, amazing buildings. Tell us about your local favorite places.


Abandoned areas full of potential and somehow poetry? Every city has them. Tell us about these undesirable urban spaces in so much need of regeneration.


Survey your city for those hidden and exciting places. Explore all the little lanes and closes, and move away from the hot spots for tourists. Give us that insight that only a local has. Tell us about those tucked-away streets or pop-up market just around the corner.


Imagine a more efficient, accessible, sustainable, safer, beautiful city. Tell us about your thoughts for improving your built environment through architecture and design. And don't forget about those small changes that can make a big difference!

Easy... Film it! Draw it! Record it! Photo it! And then hashtag it.

The #hashtags

Select one of our four hashtags when posting your contribution on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Instagram. You will then see it back on our social media wall below.

You will find your own contribution and many others here.

Be inspired, contribute again and invite others to do so as well. We will collect all your postings and keep the social media wall live till the Festival Finale in November. We will share the outcome with the rest of Scotland, especially with architects, urban designers, planners and policy makers, to make sure that they will be inspired and motivated to maintain, develop and create a world we all can proudly call ‘My Scottish Place’.

The Festival of Architecture is a key part of the 2016 Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design and is supported by EventScotland, part of VisitScotland.