This Festival has the unique ambition to enhance understanding and appreciation of our built environment.

The greatest legacy for this event would be an increased demand from the people of Scotland for buildings and places within our towns and cities to be created with thought, expertise and the quality of people’s lives in mind. More tangible legacies will be the new research, many exhibitions and publications which are already being generated by this special year, not just for 2016, but into the future.

Scotland is fortunate in having many buildings and places of world quality. However, the Festival of Architecture has created the possibility of a unique, online guide to all of Scotland’s architecture, being developed over the next few years. Bringing together its own architectural guides and much other research, this will be designed as an attractive, accessible and lively resource to give people in Scotland, and throughout the world, a comprehensive architectural guide to the very best buildings of a whole nation. This is no small ambition. We’ll need a lot of help to make it happen, but it could be the biggest legacy of all from this very special Festival!

The Festival of Architecture is a key part of the 2016 Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design and is supported by EventScotland, part of VisitScotland.